Hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Hypnotherapy and EFT( also known as tapping) are both amazing tools for releasing or shifting emotions to allow for greater enjoyment in life.

What Makes Hypnotherapy and EFT So Special?

Both Hypnotherapy and EFT are incredibly effective on their own by getting to the root of the issue. They work amazingly well together too. Experiencing both will leave you feeling relaxed and more centered,and free from negative emotions. Hypnotherapy and EFT can help your life to transform in some really empowering ways.

My Mission Statement

My desire is to guide you through the process of shifting and releasing what is not needed or wanted so you are able to bring in that which you desire. I have a strong desire to help you become the best version of yourself so you can reach your dreams and enjoy life and help others,